Vacation Fund

Piggy Banks

As your union credit union, we are happy to partner with many of the Local Unions we serve to help you save your vacation funds. 

How your Vacation Fund works

  • Your employer makes contributions based on the number of hours you work in a month
  • You employer submits contributions to the trust office, which verifies totals and sends them to IBEWUWFCU to be deposited into your union Vacation Fund
  • It could take 4-8 weeks for your initial deposit to be deposited into your Vacation Fund
  • The funds deposited into your Vacation Fund will be less than what is reflected on your paystub
  • If there are discrepancies please contact your trust office

How to access your Vacation Fund

  • Use our Mobile App to check your balance and transfer to your checking account.
  • Order a Debit Card and access at ATM. 
  • Request a check to be sent to you.
  • Set up an ACH or A2A to transfer funds to another financial institution.