Dormant Accounts

The Credit Union periodically sends notices to members whose accounts have become dormant. If you receive one of these notices, please respond as soon as possible so that we can update our records and make sure you are receiving the full benefits of your membership with us.

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Dormant Accounts FAQs

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An account that has no activity for one year or more. It will enter Dormant Account status, and will begin accruing a monthly inactive account fee.

Contact the credit union. We will be happy to update your account to active status. Or, if you no longer use your account with us, we will help you close it.

If an account has no activity for three years, any remaining funds will be remitted to the account holder’s last state of known residence, per that state’s laws or regulations, and you will need to reach out to that state to access those funds.

Just do one transaction a year, and your account will remain active.

This includes shared branch transactions, mobile deposits, and ATM and debit transactions.

If you had money in your account at the time of closure, it would have been remitted to your last state of known residence, per that state’s laws or regulations.

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